Jack Sorrell

Video editor, website designer, youtuber, bio writer...

The part where I brag a little

I'm Jack Sorrell.
I make fun and educational videos for YouTube.

Over the past 4 years, I have reached over 10 million people and amassed over 45,000 subscribers on YouTube alone.

I am experienced in video editing, website design, and a variety of computing and IT subjects.

Notable Projects

  • YouTube Channel

    I have been uploading videos to my YouTube channel for over 4 years and the response has been overwhelming.

    Using the power of online video, I have engaged millions of people by making more than 100 educational, computing related tutorials which are available to watch on YouTube for free, all around the world.

    I cover a range of subjects, but focus on in-depth explanations on modding video game consoles.

    By creating content for YouTube I have gained invaluable knowledge of video editing and graphic design software which aided me greatly when I started to learn about website design.
  • My Website: jacksorrell.tv

    I decided to create a website for my YouTube channel years ago. Several attempts later, I'm using the right tools and now know a lot more about website design, maintenance, SEO, and uninteresting back-end stuff.
  • The console.guide hub

    Expanding my website to create a home for my tutorials has been a blast!

    www.console.guide is the well-known and widely trusted hub for the latest homebrew and console modding tutorials uploaded to my YouTube channel.

    It serves as the place which lists all of my recent tutorials with easily accessible download links and supplementary information and also lists helpful tips all within a safe online environment.
  • My Discord bot project: BotLabs

    I started making a Discord bot for my Discord chatroom and after just a few weeks of experiencing the workflow and serving 1000s of users every day, I was hooked. I created BotLabs and now operate and maintain 2 core Discord bots as well as several others.

    I developed all of my bots from the ground up to give my chatroom a unique and entirely customized experience.
    Once testing is complete, I will be releasing these two bots for use by the public.